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Jeans for Jane
I seek to enlighten 
30th-Aug-2008 10:41 am
Today, I lamented over my shopping woes with my significant other. As a man, he benefits from a far less crushing shopping experience than I. As a man, he has the option of finding pants that fit on his waist, rather than the dreaded Low Rise.

I have yet to uncover a store in the quaint, suburbian town, where I live, that carries pants that fit on the waist. Once I have, I will achieve Nirvana and ascend to the highest plane of spiritual existence, where I will be freed from the cycle of frantically searching for trousers, jeans, and drawers of any kind.

Most significantly, he can pull any brand of pants out of the clothing rack in his size, buy them without trying them on, bring them home, and they fit. Why is it that he can savor such a pleasurable experience with pants while I, the female fashion consumer, range anywhere from a size 8 to a size 14, depending on the brand, should be going bald from pulling out my hair?

As I elaborated upon my shopping ordeal, he looked baffled as one would when a bit of information simply does not match their preconceived world-knowledge. Why, since he finds pants that fit every time, why, oh why can't I? Surely, I must be joking; locating pants that fit cannot possibly be as difficult as I'm describing! Worse yet, how can it be that I purchase the pants in a specific brand, never gain an ounce, only to find that same size and brand do not fit the next year? Oh, for Pete's sake!

Honey. Searching for the pants that fit is like unearthing the Ark of the Covenant.

He has agreed to accompany me upon my next shopping excursion to see the truth behind my words. He's an empathetic man. I have this feeling that he will never look upon women's fashion the same way again.
30th-Aug-2008 03:18 pm (UTC) - Kohl's Is Frustrating
OK so I went shopping for some new clothes for my new job last night at Kohl's. I love shopping there because the prices are usually pretty good and the clothes are decent. Plus all my other pants and shorts are literally falling off my hips due to a summer of going to the gym 3-4 times a week. So I was excited to see what size I am now!

Normally I try on 14s so I started with getting pants in both 12 and 14s to be on the safe side. I go in the dressing room with about 20 pairs of pants since I need at least 2 of each to try on. I am greeted with the sign, "please only take 5 items into dressing room at a time." Yeah right! How many times have you only had 5 or less items to try on? I know that different brands' sizes are cut differently so I HAVE to bring in a ton of clothes. I usually know I have enough when my arms are hurting from the weight of all those clothes.

So I try on some Dockers in a 12 and I am pretty happy because they fit perfectly at the waist! Success! I have gone down a size! Of course the pants are considered "average" length which apparently is 6 inches longer than my legs. So I either have to wear heels with them or have them altered. There is another expense. But I am still thrilled that they fit and don't make me look like a hippo.

Then I try on another pair of pants in a 12 and I can't get them over my thighs. So I try the 14 and guess what? Same problem! So does that mean I am back to a 16 again? I refuse to go to a 16 so they are in the "no way" pile. They were probably too long anyway.

This experience is continued as I try on more pants. One pair the 14 was too big and the 12 was way too small. I love when this happens. Why isn't there a simple size 13 that isn't in Juniors?

So I am done with the pants and I try on some shirts. This is fun, the arms are about 4 inches past my fingers. What am I an ape? Do I have short arms or something? At least I know my size is still an XL because the Large shirts really show off my belly. But then I notice that because my boobs on in the shirt, the back of the shirt is now longer than the front and it looks sloppy. I get the shirt anyway since it is the only one I like in my size that doesn't make me look TOO heavy. I found a beautiful button down 3/4 length shirt but there were no XL, only L and it was a bit too tight. But of course the XL would have looked great on me because even the L was flattering.

So I leave the dressing room with about 18 items to put back and 2 to buy. I guess I should be happy with the 2 but I am pretty frustrated. So I go to the kitchen area and find a great mug with a moose on it (I love moose!). Perfect fit!
30th-Aug-2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
Size 12, 14, 16, 12, 14, 16...Wouldn't it be nice if you could pick one number and stick with it?

Pant length is always a mystery to me. I am 5'7", so that puts me in the average height range. However, when it comes to pants, I am stuck somewhere in between an average and a tall. If I get an average, the hem of the pants is so high that I look as if I'm preparing for floodwaters. If I wear pants made for talls, then I look as if the little bunny ears are missing from the extra fabric around my feet.

This is another argument for using a system of measurement similar to men's pants sizes.

When it comes to the sleeves of shirts, I am very perplexed. My shoulders are straight across rather than the nice curve that many women are fortunate enough to have. (During the '80's, I had to cut the shoulder pads out of jackets and shirts, unless I wanted "football shoulders".)

These shoulders of mine make finding shirts with sleeves that fit difficult to come across. The end of the sleeve is always 2"-4" below my wrist. Buying 3/4 sleeves has camouflaged the issue, but I have yet to find a shirt with sleeves long enough to match my arms.
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