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Jeans for Jane

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This is an all-too-familiar scenario for women across the world, especially in the United States. You walk into a store in hopes of finding clothing that fit you. You spend an hour, maybe two hours, trying on different clothing.

You go up a size in one brand. You go down a size in another brand.

You can't find anything that matches your style. All the clothes are catered to young women or women older than you. Maybe the style is too modest, or perhaps it's just too flashy.

All the pants are low-rise, hipsters, slim cut, wide leg, at the waist, or some other style that you look terrible in. You can't find one cut that fits your particular figure.

Your shirts, that were once a size medium, are now a large, despite that you haven't changed in your body shape or gained weight. There's a gap at the buttons where your bust is threatening to break free. Or maybe all the clothes hang on you like trash bags.

You leave the store with one, two purchases or none at all. When you arrive home, you're in a bad mood because "nothing seems to fit". You vow never to go shopping again. Even when you order clothes on-line, the experience leaves your reservoir of healthy body-image depleted.

Why do we allow this cycle to continue?

This community has been set up for women to discuss their common complaints against the fashion industry for their methods of controlling our appearance and self-esteem, to regain a positive self-image, and support companies that promote beauty of all shapes and sizes.

Eventually, my goal is to start a petition to send to major fashion industries for pants sizes. Why do we go by one number when men go by two for length and waist? Women should have three numbers for their pants: length, waist, and hips. The more women show their interest in this, the faster this petition will be accomplished. Wouldn't that be nice, to find pants that actually fit?

Come on, ladies! Let's get some dialogue going!